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Presentations & Training

I deliver the information sessions listed below to nonprofit boards of directors, nonprofit managers, or other interested groups (including other attorneys). My Lexington, Kentucky conference room has the capacity to hold eight people during a presentation, or I will travel to meet with your group at your location. To schedule a presentation, click here  and tell me which presentation you need. Pricing information is at the bottom of this page.

Length of Presentation: Each presentation can be delivered in a half day (generally three hours). The presentation itself takes 90 minutes, leaving additional time for questions specific to your organization’s situation.


These are introductions to the subject matter and are designed to help the audience understand the benefits of gaining more knowledge in each area.


1. Planning your new nonprofit organization. It takes more than just filing the articles of incorporation to create a viable nonprofit. Learn how to approach the creation in a way that will sustain the organization into the future. Strategic planning is an important part of this session.

2. Applying for and Managing Federal Grants. The processes and legal requirements for obtaining and managing federal assistance funding (grants and cooperative agreements) become more complex each year. As a national lecturer to federal agencies in this field, I can help your nonprofit organization understand exactly what the agencies are searching for and how to align your organization to receive those funds.

3. First Do No Harm: What Business Lawyers Need to Know to Represent a Nonprofit Organization. For attorneys who are asked to represent nonprofits but know little about the applicable law, this overview of the subject will help them become oriented and to know what to ask and where to turn for help.

4. Organizational Improvement - a Quality Approach. High functioning organizations are not accidents - they are created through the utilization of systems that support each other. Moving your organization up the performance ladder requires more than a policies and procedures manual.

5. Lobbying and Political Activities. Permissible lobbying and political activities vary depending upon what type of nonprofit organization undertakes them and by the sources of the organization's funding. This presentation helps your organization stay within the law.

6. Fundraising Considerations. State and local fundraising requirements are discussed and Internet fundraising as a tool is brought into focus. This presentation addresses the legal considerations surrounding fundraising - it is not a "how to raise funds" (marketing) presentation.

7. Gifts to Nonprofits. What and how much is deductible as a gift to a nonprofit organization? What forms do gifts take in addition to cash? What records and reporting must the nonprofit and individual keep.

8. For-Profit Business Activities by Nonprofits. Learn what types of activities generate income that is taxable to the nonprofit. Learn whether undertaking such activities is wise or may jeopardize the organization's tax-exempt status. Learn how to avoid jeopardy while conducting the desired activities.

9. Joint Ventures Involving Nonprofits. When nonprofit organizations team up with other nonprofits or with for-profit entities, the ramifications regarding taxqability and loss of tax-exempt status are huge. Get an overview to better understand how to approach these situations.

10. Robert's Rules of Order. Most organizations conduct business under these rules without a solid understanding of the basic concepts and procedures. This introductory course gives all board members (or general members) an overview of the methods and myths surrounding the fair and efficient conduct of meetings.

11. Name your own topic.

To schedule a presentation, click here.

These presentations are delivered free of charge within 25 miles of Lexington, Kentucky.


For presentations further from Lexington than 25 miles, the fee is $500 for the first day, $800 per day thereafter, plus travel expenses.


For example, a presentation made in Kansas City, Missouri would involve a minimum of two days for travel, presentation, and return travel. The cost would be $1300 plus travel expenses.


All charges are agreed upon prior to presentation to avoid confusion.

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